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MOD 'Taking Urgent Action' After Report Exposes Failings Of Military Medical Centres

The latest care quality inspections revealed vermin and safeguarding problems.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) says it is taking urgent action to tackle failings at military medical centres, following the findings from a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The report found 40% of the 59 medical centres offered care deemed inadequate or needing improvement, with some sitings of vermin also recorded.

Bulford, Colchester, Collingwood, Deepcut, Boulmer and Woolwich are amongst those centres falling into the inadequate category.

Whilst the MOD says they have promptly “resolved” the presence of vermin in some sites, safeguarding issues for vulnerable adults and children were also identified in some centres.

Figures above illustrate the findings from the second year of CQC inspection.

A spokesperson said the MOD is "taking urgent action":

"We are committed to providing the very best healthcare to our service personnel, which is why we invited the Care Quality Commission to review our sites."

Around 52% of the inspected military medical centres showed good care was being taken with patients and 8% were classed as "outstanding".

“As the report shows, the majority of medical facilities are delivering good or outstanding care”, the statement read.

To find out how your local centre performed this year, see page 47 of the 2018/19 report.

The CQC are invited to the facilities by the Surgeon General for external, unbiased inspection, similar to that offered by OFSTED to UK schools.