Armed Forces Chief Defends 'Meticulous' RAF Strikes Against Islamic State

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach rejects claims of multiple civilian casualties in RAF bombing campaign...


The outgoing Head of the Armed Forces has rejected claims of multiple civilian casualties as a result of coalition air strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach said the bombardment of a "really wicked and evil enemy" had been "meticulous" in its planning and efforts to avoid civilian casualties.

Speaking to the BBC, ACM Peach said the RAF had been part of "the most carefully planned air campaign in history".

ACM Peach
Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach has overseen the UK battle against Islamic State since 2016

The Chief of the Defence Staff's comments come after Amnesty International said the US-led coalition's campaign killed hundreds of civilians and injured thousands more.

A report published by the human rights group earlier this week claimed coalition air and artillery strikes "appear either disproportionate or indiscriminate or both and as such unlawful and potential war crimes".

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, says any alleged incidents are investigated.

However, BBC defence correspondent, Jonathan Beale, says it's hard to verify independently.

Coalition Air Strike
The RAF has conducted more than 1,600 air strikes as part of Operation Shader.

The UK is part of the 75-member global coalition that joined together to destroy IS.

The RAF has so far launched more than 1,600 air strikes as part of Operation Shader.

Last month the Ministry of Defence admitted for the first time that a civilian on a motorbike had been "unintentionally killed" in eastern Syria as a result of an RAF Reaper drone strike on March 26.