Belarusian troops in Vitebsk//Photograph Ricky Cain

You’d be forgiven for not being able to pinpoint Veyshnoria, Lubenia and Vesbaria on a map.

These three fictional countries have been created for Zapad 2017, the planned joint strategic military exercise of Russian and Belarusian armed forces.

Veyshnoria's imaginary agenda is to cause havoc by invading Belarus during Zapad, and destroying the relationship between Minsk and Moscow.

However, it seems the nation has set out to not only capture Belarus but also the imagination of Belarussians.

The map of the exercise was made public during a General Staff briefing and shows Veyshnoria located in the north-western regions of today's Belarus.

After its release, many have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Wikipedia to take sides in the war.

Social media engagement in the fantasy country has brought life to the nation of Veyshnoria.

The fake Minister of Foreign Affairs for Veyshnoria has taken to Twitter using the handle @Vaisnoria_MFA to offer, “stew, honey, bread and lard” to invading Belarusian soldiers that chose to surrender.

The 'minister' even directed those wishing to become a Veyshnorian citizen to a separate website where you can register for a Veyshnorian passport. 

However, IHM Markit Risk Analyst Alex Kokcharov has noticed that the borders of the newly-created country correspond to the Roman-Catholic part of Belarus.

The area is currently politically the most hostile to the country's president.

The other two countries, Lubenia and Vesbasria, roughly correlate to Poland and Lithuania.