Harry Melling (Picture: Armed Forces Community HQ).

Harry Melling: WWII Submariner Dies Aged 101

The Armed Forces veteran served on HMS Osiris during World War Two.

Harry Melling (Picture: Armed Forces Community HQ).

A Royal Navy submariner who served during the Second World War has passed away, aged 101.

Harry Melling, who was on board Royal Navy vessel HMS Osiris during the war, passed away on 19 September.

He joined the Armed Forces as a 'Hostilities Only' rating – due to serve for the duration of the conflict only – and was drafted to the submarine training course in May 1941.

After a spell with HMS Medway, he joined the submarine HMS Osiris in July 1943.

Watch: Harry receives hundreds of cards on his 100th birthday.

HMS Osiris later played an active role in Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily, intercepting Italian warships in their efforts to thwart amphibious landings.

Mr Melling went on to join HMS Tuna, transporting Royal Marine Cockleshell heroes to France, enabling attacks on enemy shipping.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of cards were sent to the veteran's care home in Wigan as he turned 100-years-old while in isolation