Accidental Celebrity: Meet The Gurkha Guarding The Queen

19-year-old Rajan Rana has completed guarding duties both at Buckingham Palace and now Windsor Castle.

Every Gurkha has strong memories of his first days in the UK, and Forces TV is almost always there to cover them.

But when they leave Gurkha Company in Catterick to head off to their chosen units, rarely do we find out where they ended up several years down the line.

One young engineer, became a bit of an accidental celebrity during his training days.

Three years ago, Gurkha class of 2016 landed from Nepal with little idea of UK culture or what their futures might hold.

Rajan says the UK public has really welcomed his fellow Gurkhas.

In March 2016, they had their first ever fastfood and the video went viral.

The star of the piece was 19 year old Trainee Rifleman Rajan Rana – walking us through his first burger.

Three years on, Sapper Rajan Rana is a member of the the Queen’s Gurkha Engineers, and he’s currently deployed - guarding the Queen.

"To be given this golden opportunity is an honour and I’m definitely enjoying it.

"When I’m standing guarding the interesting part is looking at the people – thousands of tourists taking pictures – we feel like a celebrity!

Rajan having his first burger in 2016.

"I do remember the McDonalds time – I haven’t been that much since because Gurkhas are the most feared unit of the British Army and we must maintain our fitness."

Rajan is now a trained surveyor and so far, he says, his army career is going well.

"A person should always aim high – so if I aim at 100 and achieve 90 that will be good.

"People have been so nice from the start – I really felt like it was another home."

Rajan has completed guarding duties both at Buckingham Palace and now Windsor.

Soon he’ll return to his day job as an engineer and who knows where he’ll be heading next.