Gurkhas Complete Charity Doko Race For NHS

The challenge saw the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps' support battalion virtually scale the height of the world's three tallest mountains.

Gurkhas serving with the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps have taken on a special challenge in aid of the NHS.

The soldiers took part in a unique version of a doko race at Imjin Barracks in Gloucestershire by virtually climbing the height of the world's three tallest peaks.

The doko is a traditional wicker-type basket found in Nepal and nearby territories.

It also plays a part in the selection process for the recruitment of new Gurkhas.

The basket - which weighed 25 kilogrammes - was strapped to the heads of the personnel who in total covered 26 kilometres. 

ARRC member carrying Doko in gloucestershire 010720 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
The doko is a traditional basket used in the selection process of the British Army's Gurkhas.

Sergeant Sushil Chamlin, who organised the event, said: "My wife is a nurse, she works in a Gloucester hospital during this pandemic situation.

"She is working so tirelessly to cope with this unprecedented health epidemic."

During the Gurkha recruit selection process, applicants are required to carry a 25 kilogramme doko for 6 kilometres within 50 minutes.

Second Lieutenant Rory Dock said: "The doko was introduced in 1989 to the British Army and the idea being to bring in something that's traditional to Nepalese life into Army selection."