Grenadier Guards Awarded Medals By Duke Of York

Members of 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards were presented with medals for their work in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

The Duke of York has presented members of 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards with three different operational medals at Windsor Castle.

They were in recognition of work in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

Lieutenant Colonel Piers Ashfield said:

"It is a fantastic opportunity to mark the culmination of three separate operational tours, which in itself is quite unique in the modern Army to go to three separate continents almost."

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The Duke of York is the Colonel of the Grenadier Guards.

In the second half of last year, 1st Battalion deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan at the same time.

That achievement was recognised by the Duke of York, who presented the medals.

"Three separate deployments, almost 400 members of the battalion receiving a medal today as well as the various attached arms and enablers that helped us to deploy," explained Lieutenant Colonel Ashfield.

In Iraq, they were involved in training the Iraqi Army to help in their fight against Daesh, forming the ground element of the overall UK Operation Shader mission.  

Grenadier Guards at Windsor Castle 220319 CREDIT BFBS.JPG
The Grenadier Guards were awarded medals for their work in Iraq, Afghanistan and South Sudan.

"When one looked at the experience of the Iraqi Army that was actually training, we were able to learn a lot of tactics, techniques and procedures from them, from their experience – obviously fighting the most current battle," said Lieutenant Colonel Ashford.

The Guardsmen were also in South Sudan and Afghanistan but in a force protection role.

For Lance Corporal Andrew McKenna, it was the first medal:

"It is my first operational tour which is a proud moment for myself and also to serve in the regiment overseas on operations is a great achievement."

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A special spectator observed the ceremony from Windsor Castle.

Having the Duke of York, Colonel of the Grenadiers, present the medals, added to the sense of occasion.

The Grenadiers are now focused on preparing for Trooping the Colour on the Queen’s Birthday Parade in June before heading to Belize for frontline training in the autumn.