Hundreds of young people from minority backgrounds in the North of England have been getting a taste of Army life.

The teenagers have been in Catterick, North Yorkshire, on a two-day, military-themed 'Youth Super Camp.'

The students arrived at the start of the course feeling a little nervous and unsure of what to expect, but after a little help from Catterick Garrison's 4th Infantry Brigade they were full of confidence and ready to face any challenge thrown at them.

British Army 'Youth Super Camp'

The troops took the teenagers out of their comfort zone, giving them a taste of life in the field and even letting them sample the food in a ration pack. One of the instructors said: 

"The idea behind it is that we take youths away and we do a series of activities including leadership development, teamwork, communication, a whole... raft of things.

"The problem we have is sometimes the [perceived] concept of what the Army does is all about combat, whereas actually we know we do a lot more than that."

"We do humanitarian aid, we've helped with hurricanes, we've helped with floods, so it's really telling people about the width of roles we do."

The students also had the chance to learn camouflage and concealment techniques, before putting them into action in a 'hide-and-seek'-style exercise.

The Super Camp comes after a successful trial in April.

It received such positive feedback from pupils and teachers that it could be rolled out across the country.

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