British Army Armoured Vehicle Facility Opens In Germany

UK-based units will be trained using armoured vehicles from Land Training Fleet Sennelager.

A facility which will supply armoured vehicles to British-based Army units sent to train in Germany has officially opened.

Land Training Fleet Sennelager is close to the Army's vast range complex near Paderborn.

The premises will eventually house a 140-strong fleet, including Warrior vehicles, at Sennelager, where the Army now trains Armoured Infantry and Armoured Reconnaissance units.

Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Steve Woodings told Forces News, "the ultimate aim is that a unit can turn up, take the vehicles it wishes to use, drive out the gates, do its training and then hand them back to us and disappear back to the UK.”

The Royal Lancers have just finished four weeks of training in Sennelager - they are the first soldiers to use Land Training Fleet vehicles.

The site will eventually house a fleet of 140 vehicles.

Brigadier Simon Graham, Deputy Commander Reserves 1st UK Division, said: "It's evident that they have benefitted enormously from being able to come out, literally pick up a fleet with all the support and equipment that is needed to take it out onto the ranges, on to the training area to use it properly and then to return back to Catterick."

There are currently enough Warrior vehicles to furnish two companies of fighting troops, in addition to a squadron's worth of armoured reconnaissance vehicles.

Sennelager offers more than just range training.

It also provides a Combined Arms Tactical Trainer for computer simulations, and a Command and Staff Trainer for testing battlegroup and brigade headquarters personnel.

The Field Army flag is now on display at the headquarters of Land Training Fleet Sennelager.

The decision to maintain a British Army presence in Germany comes amid tension between NATO and Russia.

"This reinforces our commitment to NATO, our commitment to defending our allies here in Germany," Brigadier Simon Graham said.

"Our presence here in this part of Europe is important, but it does provide UK forces with options, not just for training, but for potential operational purposes in the future."

The Field Army flag is now on display at the headquarters of Land Training Fleet Sennelager.

The newly-formed organisation is expected to support six four-week exercises this year.