Pat Mountain at UKIP manifesto launch

General Election 2019: UKIP Promises Extra £7bn Per Year For Defence

The UK Independence Party has launched its manifesto ahead of polling day on 12 December.

Pat Mountain at UKIP manifesto launch

The UK Independence Party has pledged an extra £7 billion per year for the Armed Forces, as it launched its manifesto ahead of the 2019 general election.

Extra funding for the military would come from getting rid of the foreign aid budget, the party claims.

The money would be used to boost numbers of Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force personnel.

The party's manifesto was launched in Westminster by interim leader Patricia Mountain.

UKIP also promises to launch an independent Veterans Administration Department, "organisationally independent and financially separate from the Ministry of Defence".

It would cover the likes of housing, healthcare, education and training for former personnel.

UKIP has also pledged to maintain the Trident nuclear deterrent, while ending arms sales to countries that have "low standards in human rights and/or export Islamist or Marxist ideology around the world".

Furthermore, it has said it would look to guarantee job offers in the emergency services, prison service or UK border force for veterans with 12 years of military service.

It also outlined plans for a "Boost to Business" scheme to support former service personnel who wish to set up and run their own enterprises after leaving the forces.

Cover image: UKIP.