General Election 2019: Liberal Democrats Pledge To Improve Military Recruitment And Housing

The party has launched its manifesto ahead of polling day on 12 December.

The Liberal Democrats have launched their 2019 manifesto ahead of the General Election, detailing party plans for defence were they to enter government.

They have promised to spend 2% of GDP on defence, which is the current level of spending, as well as pledging to improve the quality of housing for service personnel.

A separate pledge includes plans for a new law, giving MPs the final say on British military action - if the party were to come to power. 

The party wants to give military tenants the same legal rights regarding repairs and maintenance as private tenants.

Other defence points in their manifesto include promoting an international treaty on the principles and limitations on the use of technology in modern warfare and maintaining a minimum nuclear deterrent, although the party says it is pursuing nuclear disarmament.

The Lib Dems also say they would give science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduates up to £10,000 to become Armed Forces engineers.

Greater investment into tackling cyber threats was also promised.

Jo Swinson's party said economic growth through stopping Brexit would allow for a bigger purse with regards to future defence expenditure, with 2% of a larger national income resulting in more funds.