General Election 2019: Labour Party Promises To 'Improve Opportunities' For Veterans

They have also pledged to increase the use of sustainable energy in defence and promised "sustainable recycling" of old nuclear submarines.

The Labour Party has promised better training and services for military veterans, in its manifesto ahead of the General Election next month.

It pledges access to "lifelong" training, housing and health services for former personnel, in addition to reaffirming a promise to compensate veterans exposed to radiation from historical British nuclear tests.

The party also states a "full apology" will be issued to Black and Asian personnel who fought in British colonial armies, for "discriminatory demob payments" and that it will consider compensation.

Regarding Trident, Labour supports renewal of the nuclear deterrent and states it will work to "create a nuclear-free world" under the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Defence spending will remain at 2% of GDP under a Labour government, with £100 million made available for United Nations peacekeeping missions.

It has also pledged to provide "decent housing" for forces personnel, as well as better access to "good quality local schools" for children from military families.

Labour promises an increased use of sustainable energy in defence and "sustainable recycling" of old nuclear submarines.