General Election 2019: Green Party Pledges To Scrap Trident In Manifesto

The party also wants to turn the Ministry of Defence into the Ministry for Security and Peace, and end military training in national parks.

(Left to right) Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley, Deputy Leader Amelia Womack and Co-Leader Sian Berry (Picture: PA).

The Green Party has launched its election manifesto, with a focus on making the UK carbon neutral by 2030.

Appealing to voters ahead of the UK General Election on 12 December, the party announced its intention to scrap Trident, and replace the Ministry of Defence with a Ministry for Security and Peace.

Other pledges include ending military training in national parks, ending the use of live animals in training activities, and closing down arms sales.

Getting rid of the Trident nuclear deterrent, the Green Party says, will save around £2 billion per year.

However, co-leader Jonathan Bartley told Forces News the party would continue to spend 2% of national income on defence.

He also outlined plans to push for a People's Vote bill - arguing for a fresh referendum on Britain's relationship with the European Union.

The Green Party's manifesto launch took place at the Wetlands Centre in London.

The Greens' manifesto also sets out 10 bills they say will kick-start a transformation in the economy, including an increase in funding for the NHS and a new homes bill.

Some may see it as a Brexit election, but the Greens say it should be a climate election.

A new environmental deal was announced - raising £91 billion a year for the next decade for capital expenditure on fighting climate change.

A further £9 billion a year in operational spending would be funded through raising taxes, including corporation tax which would rise to 24%.

Mr Bartley said: "This is the most ambitious green new deal proposed anywhere in the world.

"While the other parties are trying to catch up, we're still racing ahead, reaching new horizons."