Ministry of Defence building

General Election 2019: Defence Ministers Retain Seats

All three defence ministers standing in the election have been re-elected in what was a hugely successful night for the Tories.

Ministry of Defence building

As the Conservative Party secured a majority in the 2019 General Election, the three ministers in the Ministry of Defence standing have all been re-elected as Members of Parliament. 

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, as well as defence ministers Anne-Marie Trevelyan and Johnny Mercer all won comfortably in their respective constituencies, increasing their vote shares compared to 2017.

Mr Wallace raced to victory with 59.7% of the votes in Wyre and Preston North, while Ms Trevelyan picked up 56.9% of the votes in Berwick-upon-Tweed and Mr Mercer 60.7% in Plymouth Moor View.

It comes as the Tories completed a landslide victory and their biggest majority since 1987. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed it as a political "earthquake", claiming he now has a "powerful new mandate to get Brexit done".

thumbnail_Prime Minister Boris Johnson leaving Conservative Party Headquarters after COnservatives win 2019 General election 131219 CREDIT PA.jpg.jpg
Boris Johnson celebrating his party's victory outside the Conservative Party headquarters (Picture: PA).

After holding his seat, Mr Wallace tweeted his thanks to his supporters, while Mr Mercer said he was "extraordinarily grateful".

Ms Trevelyan also took to Twitter, saying she was "so honoured" to be re-elected.

The trio entered the Ministry of Defence (MOD) in the summer as part of  Mr Johnson's reshape of his cabinet and ministers.

Mr Mercer's arrival was one of the most notable additions - heading up the newly-formed Office of Veterans' Affairs.

Ben Wallace and the Prime Minister visit submarine HMS Victorious in July (Picture: MOD).

A minor cabinet reshuffle is expected to be announced on Monday.

One position will be up for the grabs at the MOD after Armed Forces Minister Mark Lancaster stepped down as an MP over death threats.

In their manifesto, the Conservatives have promised to "increase funding" for defence and pledged to protect forces veterans from "vexatious" legal cases against them.

Meanwhile, Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith has also been re-elected.

The Labour MP for Llaneli received 42.2% of the votes - a drop of more than 11% from 2017. 

Cover Image: Ministry of Defence building in Whitehall, London (Picture: PA).