General Election 2019: Conservative Party Promises Not To Cut Armed Forces 'In Any Form'

They have also pledged to protect veterans from vexatious cases.

The Conservatives will "increase funding" and will not "cut" the Armed Forces "in any form", said Boris Johnson during the party's manifesto launch in Telford, Shropshire.

During the launch, Mr Johnson was asked whether he will maintain troop levels, with the questioner pointing out this issue was not included in the manifesto, in contrast to the 2017 manifesto.

Mr Johnson responded:

"We will not be cutting our armed forces in any form."

He went on to pledge that defence spending will remain at 2% of GDP and promised to increase funding to the Armed Forces each year by 0.5% above inflation.

The party has also said it will protect veterans from vexatious cases against them.

“Our attitude is to support and protect our armed forces," Mr Johnson said, arguing that this is in "sharp contrast" with the Labour Party.

The Conservatives further pledge to support forces' families with free childcare, a move to help partners get back into work.