Gareth Southgate (Picture: PA).

Gareth Southgate Wishes Royal Navy Recruits Good Luck

Gareth Southgate (Picture: PA).

(Picture: PA).

Gareth Southgate has sent a special message to new Royal Navy recruits as they embark on their training at a Cornwall-based facility.

The England football manager wished them good luck in a social media video that was shared by HMS Raleigh on its Twitter account.

In the short video, he said: "Hello to everyone in Fisher 28, I hope you are enjoying your training. And before you know it, you'll be on that parade square."

Gareth Southgate celebrating during the World Cup (Picture: PA).
Gareth Southgate celebrating during the World Cup (Picture: PA).

The father of one of the recruits obtained the video, according to HMS Raleigh's tweet.

It also said in the tweet the video arrived as their fourth week of training came to an end.

The Fisher 28s is a group made up of about 60 people, who have all signed up for a career in the Royal Navy.

They all took part in an initial ten-week training course at HMS Raleigh in December.

A HMS Raleigh spokesperson said: "Everyone at HMS Raleigh is absolutely thrilled that Gareth Southgate was kind enough to record some words of encouragement for the Fisher 28s.

"It’s given the recruits a real buzz as they approach the half-way point of their training. We are really grateful both to Gareth and the father of one of our recruits who sent it to us."

HMS Raleigh shared pictures of the recruits in training during week two on its Twitter account.

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