CAMM missile system

The CAMM missile which is part of the new system. Picture: MBDA.

The Army has revealed a new air defence missile system that could boost the UK's air defences from short to medium range capability.

The 'Sky Sabre' system is due in service from 2020, and is designed to be able to strike an enemy target from beyond visual range.

It is the first time the system's three main parts have been brought together - the MBDA launcher that fires the CAMM missile, the Saab radar targeting system and the Rafael control electronics suite from which the system is operated.

Air Commodore Ian Gale MBE was at the Sky Sabre unveiling at Baker Barracks, West Sussex, and said:

"You are seeing the future here today, you can’t replace like for like in the digital age.

"This will take the Army from short to medium range.

"It is a truly integrated air defence system that will be operated both by the Army and the Royal Air Force.

"It has significant benefits; it’s fast, reliable and trusted".