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Four-Year-Old Given Little Trooper Award Recognising Bravery In Lockdown

Every month this year, Little Troopers will give a military child an award, paying tribute to their bravery during the pandemic.

A four-year-old from Northumberland has won an award recognising his bravery and resilience during lockdown.

Katie Neale nominated her son, Alfie, for an award from Armed Forces charity Little Troopers after his father was deployed overseas with the RAF in September. 

The deployment coincided with Ms Neale's return to work full-time as a teacher, after spending six months on the furlough scheme.

And, before his father's deployment, Alfie had also started a new nursery. 

"I just felt with all that change, with his age, he dealt really well with it," Ms Neale said.

Ms Neale said she didn't know if anything would come from application for the award as "there is always somebody having it harder than you".

Alfie and his brother speak to their dad who is deployed overseas with the Royal Air Force.

"When I heard that he'd won it, I couldn't believe it," she said.

Louise Fetigan, founder of the Little Troopers charity, said it is important during the pandemic to talk "about what these children are going through".

"Life is difficult for little people at the moment," she said. 

"Alfie's four, he's dealing with everything that the pandemic is throwing his way and also those hurdles that military children face throughout military life."

Every month this year, a military child like Alfie will receive an award to pay tribute to their bravery and resilience during this difficult time.

Little Troopers supports children who have one or both parents serving in the UK Armed Forces, regular or reserve.