Former Gurkha Nims Purja On Mountaineering World-Record And 'Crazy Ideas'

The former Gurkha and Special Forces soldier has just climbed the world's 14 highest mountains.


Nims Purja says "time will tell" on what his next challenge will be (Picture: Nims Purja).

A former Gurkha who smashed the record for climbing the world's highest peaks has opened up about his challenge and his "crazy ideas".

On Tuesday, Nirmal "Nims" Purja completed the climb of the world's 14 tallest mountains - beating the previous record by nearly seven-and-a-half years.

Mr Purja, who also spent 10 years in the Special Forces, summitted all of the peaks in just 198 days.

Back in Kathmandu, speaking to Forces News, Mr Purja said his military experience proved key in breaking the record.

"It definitely helped," he said.

"What I learned from the military was discipline and with this mission, it was all about being disciplined, disciplined, disciplined.

"You climb one mountain and you want to have a rest and you want to sleep... you have to be strict with the plans."

WATCH: Mr Purja speaks to Forces News. 

Mount Shishapangma in Tibet was Mr Purja's last mountain.

Like all of the 13 peaks scaled before, it also stands at more than 8,000 metres - a height referred to as the "death zone" by some mountaineers.

Upon reaching the summit, Mr Purja's first thoughts were of his family.

"I made the first phone call to my mum...after that, I couldn’t really speak for a minute," he said.

"After that I was fine, I just got back down and got on with it."

Mr Purja's love for a challenge and the outdoors has already seen him break many mountaineering world-records.

He has summitted Mount Everest numerous times and says "time will tell" on what his next challenge will be.

“People are going to have to wait and see. I do have some crazy ideas," he told Forces News.

"Normally when I say I will do things, I do make it happen and I have to have the confidence."

A picture Mr Purja captured of Mount Everest went viral in May (Picture: Nims Purja).

Mr Purja went to great lengths to make the challenge "Project Possible" a reality, including remortgaging his home.

During his ascent of Mount Everest, Mr Purja took a picture of a 'traffic jam' at the top of the peak.

It went viral, amid concerns too many people were already scaling the peak, making it even more dangerous than normal.

He also helped rescue a climber on Mount Annapurna who was left stranded for two days after falling ill.