Former Royal Marine Criticised For Leaving Rowing Machine On Mont Blanc

Matthew Disney wants to retrieve the device himself after attempting to reach Blanc's summit.

Listen: Matthew Disney on the criticism he has received (Picture: Matthew Disney).

A former Royal Marine has been criticised for leaving his rowing machine up on Mont Blanc.

The Mayor of Chamonix complained to the former Commando that the rowing equipment would have to be removed by a helicopter from the peak.

Matthew Disney's intention, however, is to retrieve the device himself.

"They believe I am littering the mountain, making a mockery of the mountain. There is also the belief that I was exhausted, which is why I left it. All these are incorrect," Mr Disney said.

The decision to leave the rowing machine where it was because the former Royal Marine "put paramount other people's lives and safety forefront of completing the challenge", he explained.

Mr Disney, who successfully scaled three of the UK's highest peaks, aimed to reach the peak of Mont Blanc while carrying a rowing machine on 30 August.

The rowing machine would have then been used to row the height of the mountain - 4,810 metres, for charity.

He wanted to raise funds for Rock 2 Recovery and The Royal Marines Charity.

As he neared the summit of Western Europe's highest mountain, weather conditions were too bad to continue carrying it.

"I had to make the unfortunate and executive decision of pulling the plug on the challenge," explained Mr Disney.

Visibility, he explained, had come down to 50 metres and the risk was "too great" for his own and other people's lives.