Former Royal Marine Creates Helpline For Soldiers Suffering With Mental Health Issues

The marine set up the support service to help forces personnel struggling with mental health issues - as he did.

A former Royal Marine has set up a dedicated helpline and support service for veterans and serving personnel dealing with mental health issues.

Simon Maryan set up the service, called Icarus because he struggled with PTSD, depression and alcohol problems after leaving the corps.

He said: “Having come through the other side of it what it’s like to go through that deep dark hole that comes with post-traumatic stress and depression and anxiety, I’m now in a position where I’ve been on that side of it.

"I’m a psychological therapist, clinical hypnotist and I’m in a position to help people get through that.”

Simon Maryan

The project was initially set up as a headline but has now developed into a treatment line with ongoing support. It was set up to help veterans who are slipping through the net and help speed up the process in getting them support.

Simon is one of four therapists who offer treatment to veterans and serving personnel all over the country.

Former Marine, Bradley Bourner, talks to Simon Maryan

The service is already making a difference. Former Marine, Bradley Bourner, said talking to someone who’s been through the same experience can make a big difference.

He said: “Nobody ever expects that you’re going to be in this situation and I don’t think you can ever see it happening.

“But to know that [the service] is there and with Si’s background, he’s a fellow Royal Marine he’s been through all the training – the breakdown, the build-up – you build a different sense of humour. It is very much a family feeling.”