Former HMS Ocean Begins New Role As Brazilian Flagship

The new flagship of the Brazilian fleet, formerly known as HMS Ocean, has docked at Rio de Janeiro.

The helicopter carrier, now known as 'PHM Atlântico' (A140), will be used for maritime security purposes.

It has the capacity to carry up to 800 marines.

The sale of then-HMS Ocean from the UK to Brazil was announced in February for a reported £84 million.

A Brazilian military helicopter lands on deck of the vessel:

Pouso no PHM "Atlântico" visto de dentro da cabine de um UH-15 "Super Cougar" do 2° Esquadrão de Helicópteros de Emprego Geral.

Posted by Marinha do Brasil on Saturday, 25 August 2018

At the time, Clive Walker, head of the Defence Equipment Sales Authority which managed the deal said funds from the sale would be "reinvested in defence". 

Following the sale, Atlântico underwent four months of maintenance, before receiving its first Brazilian crew.

It began the journey to Brazil at the beginning of August from the UK.

The Brazilian Defence Minister is quoted by the Brazilian Defence Ministry as praising the ship's deterrent capacity and also stating it will increase the country's fighting power.

In March, Her Majesty the Queen paid tribute to Ocean at a decommissioning ceremony in Plymouth.

What was formerly known as HMS Ocean in its new role:

Ocean's History

The ship formerly known as HMS Ocean was once one of Britain’s biggest warships.

Commissioned in 1998, the helicopter carrier sailed 454,451 nautical miles and completed many deployments.

In 2000, she was in Sierra Leone in Operation Palliser.

Then in 2003, she took to Iraq, where her helicopter crews were involved in securing the city of Bazra, and early on in the battle Royal Marines took Al-Faw Penisula.

She also saw action in Libya in 2011.

And most recently, last September the ship was diverted to the Caribbean to help out with the aftermath of two Category 5 hurricanes.

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