Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn Turns 101 Today

'Forces Sweetheart' Dame Vera Lynn Turns 102

Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn Turns 101 Today

Dame Vera Lynn is celebrating her 102nd birthday.

The 'Forces Sweetheart' who captured the heart of the nation with songs like 'We'll Meet Again' and '(There'll Be Bluebirds Over) The White Cliffs of Dover' has supported ex-servicemen and many others over the years.

Ahead of the birthday, she said: 

"I am looking forward to having a glass of bubbly, but I am not sure whether they will be able to fit all 102 candles on my cake."

The singer, who began her music career aged 15, has been close to the hearts of the military since the Second World War and has founded multiple charities.

She has been a household name ever since she boosted the morale of British troops during the Second World War with her songs.

Those wanting to wish Vera a happy 102nd birthday have been honouring her on social media.

Dame Vera often referred to British troops as ‘her boys’, a relationship which has created the backbone for most of her charity work.

'Help for Forgotten Allies', one of her main charities, gives grants to the widows of Burmese soldiers who fought in the Burma campaign during the Second World War.

Forces Sweetheart Dame Vera Lynn Turns 101 Today
Vera Lynn spent several weeks entertaining troops in Burma, now known as Myanmar.

Two years ago, Dame Vera Lynn broke her own record to become the oldest person to release a new album.

'Vera Lynn 100' featured other top British singers including Alfie Boe, Alexander Armstrong and Aled Jones.

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