Changing Of The Guard: Behind The Scenes

Foot Guards tribute to Meat Loaf at Buckingham Palace

Onlookers treated to surprise rendition of iconic singer's biggest hit.

Changing Of The Guard: Behind The Scenes

Bat Out of Hell rocker Meat Loaf died on Thursday, aged 74. 

While many fans took to social media to post tributes, others listened to playlists or shared memories of seeing the larger-than-life rocker on tour.

Meat's many hits included Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, Not a Dry Eye in the House, and Life is a Lemon (and I Want my Money Back).

Meat Loaf's most famous song, I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That), charted at number one in 28 countries, making it one of the most successful songs of all time.

And for onlookers at Changing of the Guard on Sunday morning at Buckingham Palace, the military band performed the iconic song as part of their musical repertoire. 

Spectators at the gates of the Queen's official London residence took to social media, posting clips of the soldiers playing the song with their brass instruments.

One such video appeared on TikTok:

Other onlookers posted via Twitter ...

The surprise performance of the song was not the first time Foot Guards on parade at Buckingham Palace have played music to mark a significant occasion.

In the past, the scores of films, such as James Bond and Star Wars, have featured within the Changing of the Guard ceremony. 

But never before have the British Army's most recognisable soldiers performed a Meat Loaf hit – until now. 

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Queen was not in residence during Sunday's Changing of the Guards ceremony. It is not known if Her Majesty is a fan of the late singer.

An Army spokesperson said: “On Sunday morning, during the Changing of the Guard ceremony, the Band of the Welsh Guards played rock music. The Bands of the Foot Guards will often play well known pieces of music, traditional and contemporary, when performing this duty.”