A Fond Farewell To HMS Severn

It's goodbye as HMS Severn is decommissioned to make way for a new generation of ships.

Today marked the end of 14 long years of Royal Navy service for HMS Severn

After 604,450 nautical miles, her company gathered for a special ceremony in Portsmouth to mark her decommissioning.


Built in Southampton and accepted into service in 2003, the ship was the second of the Royal Navy's three River Class patrol vessels.

Tasked with inspection duties as part of the Fisheries protection squadron, HMS Severn played an important role in ensuring the fishing industry remains sustainable. 

HMS Severn crew decommission
A sad day for the crew of HMS Severn

However, earlier this year she was given an extra special task. HMS Severn had to ensure the UK's safety as Korolev, a Russian landing ship travelled through the English Channel. 

With its duties complete, its decommissioning will pave the way for five new offshore patrol vessels.