First Woman Commissioned As Officer Into Guards Division

Hannah Bird completed the Commissioning Course Short at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Second Lieutenant Hannah Bird has made history in becoming the first woman to commission as an officer into the Guards Division of the British Army.

Her journey to becoming an Army Reserve Officer began when she signed up to the Sheffield University Officer Training Corps in 2014. She has not looked back.

While embarking on a career as a securities trader in the City with Goldman Sachs, she joined the Army Reserve unit, The Honourable Artillery Company in 2017.

Two years on, she transferred into the London Regiment – the Army Reserves battalion of the Guards Division.

At this point, she decided to become a commissioned officer and aimed to get to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

Parading at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (Picture: British Army).

She completed the eight-week long Commissioning Course Short, designed to provide military training to enable officers, "appointed principally" for professional credentials such as dentists or lawyers, to operate in the military world, the Army said.

Having done so, she is now the Platoon Commander for recruit training.

Speaking of her achievement, Second Lieutenant Bird said: "My mum and dad are really proud of this, yet naturally worried in case I'm deployed anywhere – but that is the same for any parent, I guess."

She added: "It feels so strange to have gone from being a private to everyone now calling me Ma'am; also, having to acknowledge compliments can be a bit awkward."

Cover image: British Army.