Amphibious assault ship USS Boxer (Picture: US Department of Defense).

First US Sailor Aboard Navy Ship Tests Positive For Coronavirus

A US Navy sailor aboard USS Boxer has tested "presumptive positive" for coronavirus for the first time.

Amphibious assault ship USS Boxer (Picture: US Department of Defense).

An American sailor on board a US Navy ship has tested "presumptive positive" for coronavirus.

It is the first case of a US sailor being diagnosed with COVID-19 while aboard a US Navy vessel.

The service person was assigned to amphibious assault ship, USS Boxer.

The diagnosis remains "presumptive positive" until confirmation is received from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The American sailor is currently under quarantine at home.

Other personnel identified by the individual as having close contact with them on USS Boxer are now no longer on board the ship.

Military health professionals are conducting a "thorough contact investigation" to determine whether any other additional personnel have been exposed to COVID-19.

It comes after American military personnel in "high risk" coronavirus areas were issued with "precautionary travel restrictions" by the Pentagon, last week.

Jonathan Hoffman, the assistant to the US Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, stated "non-essential travel" and "non-official travel to areas of concern" by personnel was being limited.

Cover image: Library image of USS Boxer (Picture: US Department of Defense).