Identical Twins Participate In Trooping the Colour

Tom and Ben Dell serve with different regiments in the British Army but both took part in the Queen’s Birthday Parade.

Identical twins Tom and Ben Dell (Picture: British Army).

For what is believed to be the first time ever, twins serving with the Army took part in yesterday's Trooping the Colour.

Tom and Ben Dell, serve with different regiments in the British Army but were both part of the Queen’s Birthday Parade.

Tom is a Guardsman in the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, while his identical twin Ben, who is one minute younger, serves as a Trooper with The Life Guards, The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

It is Tom's first time taking part, whereas this will be Ben's third time participating in the parade.

But unfortunately Ben doesn't have too much brotherly advice to give Tom about the day: "I haven’t really been giving Tom tips because our jobs are very different, I’m on a horse while he’s got a lot of marching to do."

Ever since the brothers were children there has been a strong element of competition between them and now they take that onto the international stage.

"The rivalry between us as twins has been there since we were kids. Both of us just want to be the best.

"Preparation for this year’s Trooping the Colour has been really good and I would like to think that the Household Cavalry is winning against the Grenadier Guards in terms of presentation, this is like the FA Cup final of ceremonial events."

Tom and Ben Dell as babies

Having identical twins playing prominent roles in the parade was not lost on Lieutenant Colonel Paddy Williams, Commanding Officer of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

The senior officer said: "In my 19 years in the Army it’s the first time that I’ve seen twins at the front and centre of The Queen’s Birthday Parade – it is remarkable.

“The brothers’ family has got every right to be proud, they are representing their country in front of Her Majesty The Queen.”

The twins have always wanted a career in the military, following their uncle who served with the Grenadier Guards.

Guardsman Dell said: "Signing up with the Grenadier Guards was always something that I wanted to do. “We took different paths into the Army but we both serve The Queen.” Trooper Dell, who joined the force a year after his brother, went on to say:

“I actually started off wanting to join the Grenadier Guards but Tom didn’t want me to follow him.

"It’s worked out well because I love working with the Cavalry."

Guardsman Dell beamed: "We’ve rehearsed and practised the parade so many times and now we are ready for our duties.

"We just want to get out there now and perform in front of The Monarch and the world.

"I’m super proud. Out there on Horse Guards I will know where he is and he’ll be able to see me.”

Trooper Dell added: "This is my third year on Trooping the Colour and it will be my last before I join the operational side of the regiment.

"I’m really happy and proud to have my brother out there with me.

"We always spoke about maybe parading at the same time, so it’s amazing that it’s going to happen in front of The Queen.”