Leading Aircraftman Georgia Sandover 230120 CREDIT MOD.jpg

First Female RAF Regiment Gunner Graduates

Leading Aircraftman Georgia Sandover 230120 CREDIT MOD.jpg

The RAF Regiment's first female gunner has graduated at RAF Honington.

Leading Aircraftman Georgia Sandover, 19, has successfully completed the 20-week course required to become a member of the RAF Regiment.

"I am really proud and thrilled that all of us on the course graduated today," LAC Sandover said.

"We have all supported one another from beginning to end and without that support, we wouldn’t be here today.

"I am looking forward to my posting and can’t wait to get on with my new job."

LAC Sandover said she always wanted to join one of the services.

While she was attending the College of West Anglia she completed the Uniformed Services Course she was inspired to join by one of her teachers who used to be a former member of the RAF Regiment.

Leading Aircraftman Georgia Sandover graduates RAF Honington 230120 CREDIT MOD.jpg
LAC Sandover is the first woman to graduate as RAF Regiment gunner (Picture: MOD).

"Today is particularly special because we have celebrated the graduation of our very first female into the RAF Regiment - a significant event in our 78-year history," Air Commodore Scott Miller, Commandant General RAF Regiment said.

LAC Sandover is one of 18 gunners who have completed Phase 2 training at RAF Honington, in Suffolk.

The training included basic combat tacting in the air and ground environment, the fundamentals of Air Force Protection and advanced fieldcraft skills.

The gunners have also completed several live-fire training exercises, alongside a physical training programme aimed at building up their strength and increasing their fitness.

All 18 gunners have now earned the right to wear the RAF Regiment shoulder-badge, known informally as 'mudguards'.

Graduation ceremony RAF Regiment Gunner first woman 230120 CREDIT MOD.jpg
A total of 18 gunners graduated at RAF Honington on Thursday (Picture: MOD).

"My congratulations to all those graduating today which includes the first female regular serving RAF Gunner," said Defence Secretary Ben Wallace.

"The RAF Regiment will benefit from increased diversity and I wish Georgia and all her colleagues the very best for the future."

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston, added: "The RAF Regiment gunners graduating today can be very proud of everything they achieved to get where they are.

"We are equally proud of them because they include our first regular service female gunner, making history with every role in the Royal Air Force now open to all."

The graduates will now be posted to one of the RAF Regiments Field Squadrons, and will begin mission-specific training for contingency operations.

Cover image: MOD.

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