Fijian Role In UK Forces Celebrated At Bula Festival

Members of the public have joined the event in Aldershot, which included presentations and group activities.

The Fijian defence community is being celebrated with a Bula festival in Aldershot.

Members of the public have joined a large number of serving and veteran Fijian personnel and their families at Queen's Parade.

Cake, entertainment, speeches and presentations all feature during the day's events – which give an insight into Fijian culture.

An Act of Remembrance, sponsored by forces charity the Royal British Legion (RBL), included wreath laying and a Fijian choir.

RBL representatives have also promoted their Stop the Service Charge campaign, which calls for the scrapping of visa application fees for Commonwealth members of the military wishing to stay in the UK post-service.

Matthew Seward of RBL said the fees are "unfair" and "not a great way to thank those people for their service for this country".