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Fighting Fit: British Army Launches 'Healthy Soldier Cookbook'

It includes more than 40 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and smoothies.

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The British Army has launched its 'Healthy Soldier Cookbook', designed to help personnel rustle up nutritious meals quickly and conveniently.  

The book, which is free to download from the Army's website, has more than 40 recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as smoothies.

The meals can be made with minimal equipment - a microwave or hob, and simple utensils such as frying pans and chopping boards, according to the Army's website.

The recipes are packed with a range of ingredients and nutrients needed for a balanced diet, the Army says.

Major Tracey Doree, a former Army fitness instructor and part of the Army Health Promotion team, said a healthy diet is key for serving personnel.

"Having been in the Army for over 29 years I have often pushed my body to its limits, physically," she said.

“Eating a balanced diet is really important to me for my health and well-being and I encourage all soldiers to think about their diet and how it supports their individual activity levels."

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The cookbook includes a wide-range of recipes (Picture: Crown Copyright).

Michelin-starred chef, Adam Gray, was also involved in the launch of the book.

"Food is amazing, it isn’t just fuel. It has an effect on your body and how you perform," he said.

"I was asked to be involved to help them with their everyday nutrition.

"It is about making simple changes that are slightly healthier and buying better ingredients, the best you can afford, and understanding what those ingredients do to your body."

Recipes in the cookbook include a strawberry breakfast bowl, chilli salmon parcel, vegetable chow mein and berry protein smoothie.

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