Fighter Jet Technology Used To Help Horses

Technology traditionally seen inside fighter jets is being used to transport equestrian teams to competitions in maximum comfort...


Fighter jet technology is being used to help horses have a more comfortable journey to equestrian events.

Manufacturer BAE Systems has used the same technology of the Eurofighter Typhoon's sensors to create a system called "Equus-sense".

In the jets, the sensors monitor conditions in the cockpit, as well as air quality. 

The new system will create a "bespoke travel environment" for horses and will mean trainers can manage levels of sound, humidity and even dust while the horses are travelling.

flypast of two Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon jets
It uses technology found in the Eurofighter Typhoon (Picture: RAF).

In combat aircraft, these sensors are used to provide essential performance assistance to defence equipment and pilots.

Henry White, UK Sports Partnership lead at BAE Systems, said: "We develop aircraft and equipment monitoring technology which helps ensure our fighter pilots are as comfortable as possible to enable them to realise their incredible skills, and there is no reason why horses cannot benefit from this.

In elite sport, even small gains can help give a competitive edge, explains Mr White:

"Applying such technology to horse transportation had its challenges, but our expert engineers have developed such a system allowing the equestrian competitors to benefit and help gain an advantage."

BAE said that the technology could prove useful to other sporting organisations in future.