Fifth PA8 Poseidon aircraft lands at RAF Lossiemouth for the first time from Seattle, US 020221 CREDIT MOD

RAF's Fifth P-8A Poseidon Arrives At Lossiemouth

The aircraft has been named 'Fulmar', in a nod to the RAF station’s naval past.

Fifth PA8 Poseidon aircraft lands at RAF Lossiemouth for the first time from Seattle, US 020221 CREDIT MOD

The Royal Air Force's fifth P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft has landed at RAF Lossiemouth from the United States.

The P-8A, named 'Fulmar', flew directly from Boeing Field near Seattle to Scotland in just over eight hours, the first time an RAF Poseidon has arrived straight from the factory.

"The arrival of this latest aircraft helps to ensure that we have the continued capability to defend our waters and support our NATO partners," a Poseidon Commander said.

The RAF's aircraft has been named Fulmar, in a nod to Lossiemouth's naval past when the station was known as HMS Fulmar between 1946 and 1972, named after a hardy sea bird.

The arrival of the new aircraft represents another milestone in the development of Lossiemouth’s Maritime Patrol Capability as Poseidon MPA can react quickly to track potential threats over large areas of water.

P-8As are equipped with sensors and weapons systems designed for anti-submarine warfare and will also carry out surveillance and search and rescue missions, according to the RAF.

They fill the role left by the RAF's previous maritime patrol aircraft, the Nimrod, which was retired in 2010.

Fifth Poseidon P8A lands at RAF Lossiemouth after flying from Seattle in the US 020221 CREDIT MOD.jpg
The fifth RAF P-8A Poseidon has been named Fulmar (Picture: MOD).

RAF Lossiemouth tweeted: "Another aircraft safely home... Fulmar, our fifth Poseidon sub-hunter, touched down safe and sound at Lossie this morning.

"It's the first time that an RAF Poseidon has been delivered straight from the Boeing factory, Seattle, without making a stop en-route."

Nine Poseidon MRA Mk 1 aircraft have been ordered for the RAF and the rest of the fleet is expected to arrive by the end of the year.

The RAF welcomed the first P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft to RAF Lossiemouth in October, followed by two more of the aircraft, the Pride of Moray and Terence Bulloch, later in the month.

The fourth P-8A Poseidon arrived at Lossiemouth from the US in November.

A multi-million-pound P-8A Poseidon Strategic Facility at RAF Lossiemouth fully opened the same month and it can hold up to three Poseidon, plus two squadrons.

It is part of a number of upgrades carried out at the Scottish base.

Cover image: MOD.