HMS Bulwark homecoming

Life Doesn't Stop At Sea: Here's What The Navy Get Up To

Apart from a day of back-to-back duties, sailors also find time for the more 'ordinary' activities...

HMS Bulwark homecoming

Homecomings are always a special occasion for the Royal Navy (Picture: Royal Navy).

Have you ever wondered what the Royal Navy get up to at sea (of course, besides protecting the UK and our allies from possible threats)?

Well, after a long day of duties, sailors and officers can sometimes have the chance to retreat to the 'normalities' of daily life.

Whether that's sitting down to a meal after a hard day's work, organising movie nights, or even waking up at the crack of dawn for a spot of yoga.

On HMS Somerset, yoga starts at 6am and is a chance for the men and women to release tension and boost morale before their day fully begins.

It takes place on the deck and can be stunning under the morning sunrise.

HMS Somerset personnel enjoying a morning Yoga session on Llandudno Bay.

And they even take it to land whilst they're deployed:

There are several fitness activities on Navy ships. While some organise circuit training during the day, others offer a gym with treadmills and exercise bikes.

But it doesn't stop to keeping in shape.

In fact, on board HMS Dragon they have recently performed a baptism, by using the ship's bell as a baptismal font. 

Turning the bell upside down and using as part of the ceremony with blessed water is an old naval tradition said to date back 200 years.

Whilst many of the civvies are keeping up to date with all the latest, from Love Island to football - some of the Navy are too.

During the intense few weeks of the World Cup madness, sailors were also watching the games religiously.

HMS Duncan used crew members to spell out 'It's coming home' on the ship's deck (I know, too soon... Look away now if you're still recovering): 

In July, in the heat of the action, Portsmouth FC joined crews onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth for a kick about ahead of the World Cup semi-finals:  

But this isn't out of the ordinary for a Navy ship, as back in 2014 HMS Iron Duke carried the Rugby World Cup Trophy into Cape Town.

What a way to make an entrance!

Onboard the ships' company often sit down together towards the end of their shift.

The hearty portions contain all the necessities at sea - some of which, are potatoes and protein. 

And on 1 June 2018, Britain’s Fisheries Protection squadron helped celebrate National Fish and Chips Day:

While at sea, who could resist a hands to bathe?

It's where the crew jump off the ship and have a quick dip while the waters are safe. 

As you can see many of them have their own signature moves as they jump in:

Now we leave you with the Captain, the Gunnery Officer and the Met Officer of HMS Enterprise playing the Yukele.

They've just returned home to Devonport after a year-long deployment.