Fancy Dress And Chasing A Soldier Wearing A Turkey Costume: Christmas With 2 Signal Regiment

It is traditional for the most-newly qualified 2 Signals recruit to complete the annual turkey trot.

Soldiers in Yorkshire have ensured their fitness is maintained over the Christmas season in unusual fashion - by dressing their most newly-qualified member in a turkey outfit and chasing him around their barracks.

It forms part of the annual 'turkey trot' for 2 Signal Regiment, where personnel all dress up as part of a festive physical training (PT) session.

"Usually the person who is [most] newly-qualified dresses up as a turkey," Staff Sergeant Phil Welch said.

"Then, we just basically chase the turkey around... the aim is to catch him and get back in enough time," he explained.

Some take it more seriously, trying to run as fast as they can and getting back within five to six minutes, others simply enjoy the fun.

The turkey outfit is not the only one on show at the PT session - Lance Corporal Joshua Smith showed up wearing a 40kg coat of armour. 

"I had this thing lying around for two years and never had a reason to use it," he said.

Captain Danny Younge, who does cross country for the regiment, showed up dressed as a box, while Colonel Jamie Balfour channelled his inner superhero, wearing a Batman costume for the occasion.

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The aim of the turkey run is to chase and catch the turkey.

"It has been a good year," Colonel Balfour said.

I started in role this year, my first year in command with such a wonderful bunch of soldiers.

"Our regiment has been superb.

"We have been to Kenya, Georgia, Spain, the Falkland Islands.

"We've been on training activities throughout the UK. 

"I am genuinely really impressed with this Signals Regiment.

"They are a great bunch."

Asked if he caught the turkey during the run, Captain Younge said he did, although he feared the costume-wearing recruit slowed down to let him have a chance.

"I was starting to tire," he admitted.

2 Signals Regiment will remain at readiness in 2020, prepared to deliver communications and information systems support to commanders throughout the world.