Families Get Rare Chance To Meet Troops Of The Household Cavalry

Members of the public were invited in to meet the horses, farriers and troops that make up the Household Cavalry.

Members of the public have had a rare chance to meet the horses, farriers and vets of the Household Cavalry – giving troops a chance to talk about life in the Regiment.

“It’s important that we do these sort of events to engage with the community and show that we are a force for good,” Major Tom Seccombe, the Household Cavalry’ Squadron Leader, told Forces News.

“Also for our recruiting team to show people that we are recruiting locally and we would like them to join the Household Cavalry.”

'Meet the Army’ event at the National Army Museum 040219 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
A soldier shows a young member of the public how his weapon works.

Although the National Army Museum has a huge variety of artefacts and objects, Julian Farrance, who works for the organisation, says it is still best to get the Army in to tell the story themselves.

“Here at the National Army Museum we have a fantastic collection that helps us tell the story of the British soldier,” he said.

“But how better to tell the story of our Army than to get the Army in and help us to do that?

"This is a great opportunity for us to work with the regiments to help tell that story.”

One young soldier helping to do just that was Trooper Nina Croker of the Life Guards. She completed her training in November and is now the first female soldier in the Household Cavalry.

“It’s good,” she said.

“I’m happy to be the first, it’s exciting.”

Trooper Nina Croker of the Life Guards (left) 040219 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
Trooper Nina Croker of the Life Guards (left) is the first woman Trooper in the Household Cavalry.

When asked what she would tell those hoping to follow in her footsteps, her advice was simple: “Just do your best… be yourself!”

For those members the public at the event, there was the chance to watch live demonstrations of how to make horseshoes, handle weapons and inspect the troops’ uniforms.

Farrier of the Household Cavalry at work 040219 CREDIT BFBS.jpg
A farrier of the Household Cavalry at work.

“I like that two people on the horses are showing the old uniform that they used to wear,” said one young visitor.

“Two people are showing the new uniforms, so you get to see what the uniforms are like.”

“My favourite thing is seeing all the horses I just saw already,” her friend added.

'Spotlight Saturdays' events are due to become a regular occurrence at the National Army Museum.