39 Years Since Falklands War Began

Following the Argentine invasion, the UK launched Operation Corporate, tasked with regaining the British territory in the South Atlantic.

Today marks 39 years since the beginning of the Falklands War.

On 2 April 1982, Argentine forces landed on the Falkland Islands and assumed military control, invading South Georgia Island the following day.

The UK launched Operation Corporate – tasked with regaining the British territory in the South Atlantic.

Every year, 14 June marks Liberation Day – commemorating the end of the occupation of the islands by Argentina.

It marks the day UK forces advanced on the capital, Stanley, and Argentine troops fled.

Liberation Day remembers the more-than-250 British troops who lost their lives during the 10-week conflict.

Harrier GR3 taking off from Port Stanley during Falklands War
A Harrier jump jet takes of from Port Stanley during the Falklands War (Picture: MOD).

The UK continues to have a military presence in the Falklands, focused at RAF Mount Pleasant.

In November, the islands were finally declared free of the mines that were laid during the conflict.

The Duke of Cambridge celebrated the news and described it as an "historic moment".