Exercise Saxon Lance: Reservists on live firing training in Cumbria

The reservists from 4 Mercian have been going through their support weapons training on Exercise Saxon Lance.

Mortars, javelins and machine guns were all part of the troops' live firing training in Cumbria.

The soldiers also underwent medical training to ensure they are ready to deploy alongside regular troops at short notice.

4 Mercian's Private James Beattie "thoroughly enjoyed" the training opportunity

He said: "To get the opportunity, to get hands-on a new weapons system which I knew nothing about two weeks ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed it."

Exercise Saxon Lance is a support weapons garner, training and developing the skills for the mortar platoon, anti-tank javelin platoon, assault pioneers and the machine gun platoon. 

4 Mercian Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Rob Spalton said: "It's a really critical skill for any infantry battalion to have a capable and ready support weapons element.

"It's particularly useful for a reserve battalion so that we are in a position where we can reinforce the regular component if needed."

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