EXCLUSIVE: Royal Navy's Role In Protecting The Persian Gulf

One of the Royal Navy's few female Commanding Officers has been speaking to Forces News about the role Britain is playing in protecting one of the world's most important trade routes.

View from HMS Blyth bow

The Persian Gulf is a strategic waterway separating Iran and Saudi Arabia and the Royal Navy is part of a multinational naval force that was established in 2004 to protect it.

Lt Commander Louise Ray on the bridge of HMS Blyth

The Captain of HMS Blyth, Lieutenant Commander Louise Ray, said the warship's mission in the Middle East has an impact on life in Britain.

"To block the trade into the Gulf would affect us very quickly in the UK - the food wouldn't be on our shelves as we expect it to be"

HMS Blyth inflatable boat heads out

HMS Blyth is one of four Royal Navy vessels, along with a Royal Fleet Auxiliary support ship, that are based in region.

Member of Kuwait Armed forces on HMS Blyth

Lieutenant Commander Ray said the British task force is also involved in joint training with Kuwait's Navy.

"We do have a number of allies in this region and it's important that we maintain those good links" 

Sailors on HMS Blyth study map

A commandant at Kuwait's military training college has also been speaking to Forces News about the role of women within their armed forces.

The UK says it plans to work more closely with their Kuwaiti counterparts to underpin regional security.

Royal Navy White Ensign Flag on HMS Blyth

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