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Special Forces Veteran Opens Up About PTSD Struggle

A former special forces soldier who overcame post-traumatic stress disorder has written about his experiences.

Ex-Special Forces, John-Paul Jordan, has channelled his own experiences with PTSD into his new book, Joys of War, to show that many soldiers move successfully from military to civilian life.

John-Paul served in Afghanistan and Iraq and following his military service he worked in warzones clandestinely moving journalists in and out of some of the world's most dangerous hotspots. 

He then joined a mining company in Afghanistan and trained local forces.

But his real battle came once he returned home.

When he got back to civvy street he began suffering from PTSD and as a result lost went through a divorce and lost his home.

John-Paul Jordan Ex-Special Forces
John-Paul Jordan struggled to get back to civilian life after serving.

He says he "felt let down by myself" as well as the institution he served with.

"For me, and I think for a lot of people, I got injured and there were complications. I felt let down by myself, that I let myself down.

"I felt let down by the institution that I had served with."

Once returning home, he struggled with civilian life. 

He said: "The transition was turbulent, to say the least, there were great sacrifices that nearly cost me my life."

John-Paul Jordan Ex-Special Forces
John-Paul now spends his time supporting others who also have mental health problems.

But despite his suffering, he says he's "stronger" and "better" for it.

"But on the whole, coming out the other side, I'm stronger - I'm better for it."

He now sees himself as a "positive transition."

Following his struggles with mental health, he's now written about his experience in his new book.

John-Paul said: "I visioned that I was talking to somebody on a sofa just telling them how it was."

"The book is powerful, it's raw, it's emotive which a lot of people get an identification with and inspiration from it."