Royal Marines

Ex-Marine Becomes First Person To Wingsuit From UK Mountain

Tim Howell reached speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour on the 80-second flight.

A former Royal Marine has become the first person to successfully fly using a wingsuit from a mountain in the UK.

Tim Howell, who served in the Marines for around seven years, plunged nearly 3,500ft from the peak of An Teallach, Scotland.

The 31-year-old said the daring feat was "three years in the making", jumping from Lord Berkley's Seat on the mountain and reaching speeds of up 160 kilometres per hour.

"I was as calm as I could be, but yeah, it was a pretty exciting experience," he told Forces News.

"When you’re flying you’re just really concentrated on the flight, there’s no sort of fear or happiness, it is just concentration."

The flight only lasted around 80 seconds.

Mr Howell served as part of 42 Commando's Recce Troop and spent the last four years of his military career as a mountain leader.

"My military career has always been sort of a challenge for me... that’s definitely something that I’ve brought to the mountaineering, the wingsuiting, the base jumping side of my life now," he said.