Ex Kabul Dawn: 2 Yorks Prepare For Afghanistan Deployment

The exercise was held at Caerwent training area, where the roads have been created to mirror that of Kabul.

Soldiers from 2 Yorks have been put to the test on Exercise Kabul Dawn ahead of their deployment to Afghanistan.

From next week, members of 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment will head to Kabul alongside soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment and reservists from 4 Yorks. 

The exercise was designed to see if the soldiers are ready to deploy.

Some of the soldiers only passed out from training six weeks ago and are now getting ready to go one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

As part of Exercise Kabul Dawn, there is a simulated press organisation.

'Crown Media' is made up of experienced journalists who create simulated media reports for organisations including the Ministry of Defence (MOD), NATO and the emergency services.

"We're now considered to be a weapon in the armoury which can be used by the military to get messages positively across to all the people involved in any situation, said journalist, Brian Cook.

Ex Kabul Dawn 2 Yorks

"The first thing they learn on the exercise when an incident is happening we can be very annoying, going up trying to get interviews with them when they actually want to be dealing with casualties or controlling a crowd.

"But there are a whole range of people who they can positively influence which will hopefully make their mission easier to achieve."

The exercise was held at Caerwent training area, a former propellants factory and munitions store in south Wales.

The roads around the area have been created to mirror that of Kabul.