All Type 26 Frigates To Be Based At Devonport

The Defence Secretary made the announcement while visiting the Plymouth naval base.

All of the UK's Type 26 frigates will be based at Devonport Naval Base the Defence Secretary has confirmed.

A total of eight ships will be built as part of the programme and will start being delivered to the Royal Navy from the mid-2020s.

The 6,900-tonne Type 26 frigates will replace the current anti-submarine warfare Type 23 frigates.

It is a week after Gavin Williamson revealed he is protecting HMS Bulwark and HMS Albion from the threat of being sold or scrapped.

Mr Williamson made the announcement while visiting HMS Montrose in Devonport.

The Defence Secretary told Forces News: "It's a real sign of confidence and commitment to the yard.

"These are the world's cutting-edge anti-submarine ships.

"These are the ships that will take our battle into the Atlantic and make sure that our shipping lanes are safe and free against an increasing threat that we're seeing from Russia.

"We felt that Devonport was the most suitable port in order to base the Type 26s."

'An amazing boost for Devonport'

Last year, BAE Systems was awarded a contract by the Ministry of Defence worth £3.7bn to manufacture the first ships.

The deal for the other five ships is to be negotiated in 2020.

The name of the first Type 26 frigate was revealed as HMS Glasgow shortly after the manufacturing deal was announced.

Three more have been named as HMS Cardiff, HMS Belfast and HMS Birmingham.

Gavin Williamson Devonport
The Defence Secretary made the announcement while visiting the Plymouth base.

Member of Parliament for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport Luke Pollard said:

"This is a good news day for our city, the naval base and the Dockyard.

"We now need clarity on the future of the Royal Marines in the city after Ministers decided to close Stonehouse Barracks.

"We also need a long-term plan to recycle the 13 retired submarines in Devonport."