Sea King

Ever Fancied Owning Your Own Sea King?

Sea King

Six recently retired Sea King helicopters are being sold off by the Ministry of Defence.

They are being auctioned alongside an interesting array of military equipment, including an RAF Mobile Observation and Command Centre, Harrier 1000lb Practice Bomb and an electric aircraft tug.

The military surplus firm selling the aircraft, which often go for around £15,000, say they could be converted for a variety of uses, from an unusual garden shed, unique office or 'man cave'.

Some Sea Kings have even been transformed into holiday homes.

Sea King Auction

The Sea King Mk4 - known throughout the Naval world as the Junglie - are the green giants of the Fleet Air Arm.

Wherever Royal Marines went in the world, they were accompanied by the venerable Sea Kings of the Commando Helicopter Force.

Dubbed the 'Land Rover of the skies' and the 'Green Giants' of the Fleet Air Arm, the Sea Kings were retired in 2016, after 36 years of service. 

Witham Special Vehicles, based on a 600-acre disused airfield at Grantham in Lincolnshire, exclusively sells old military equipment on behalf of Ministry of Defence.

This will be the last ever sale of British military Sea Kings.

Westland Sea King HU.5

One of the aircraft set to go under the hammer, Sea King HU.5 Tail Number XV661, was used in January 1975 to help the crew of the stricken MV Lovat. 

A Whirlwind HAR.9 had been dispatched, however, conditions deteriorated and it had to cut its winch cable.

The Sea King was launched, rescuing two survivors of the 13 man crew.

RAF Mobile Observation and Command Centre

Also up for sale is this Royal Air Force a Mobile Observation and Command Centre.

This comes with a fully fitted out interior including tailored seating, 'panoramic viewing platform'  and the onboard generator shows only 200 hours.

Tornado Strategic Bomber 2250 litre external fuel tank

Other items include a Tornado Strategic Bomber 2250 litre external fuel tank, a Harrier 1000lb Practice Bomb and a WW1 replica wooden propeller.