England's finest disabled footballers teach military valuable lessons

The best players and coaches in English disability football have paid a visit to RAF Shawbury, promoting inclusion, communication and the ability to overcome fresh challenges.

Paralympian and former captain of the national Cerebral Palsy side, Jack Rutter, watched on as trainee helicopter crew and space control operators played in powerchairs and blindfolds.

Owen Bainbridge, captain of the England Blind Team, listened in for signs of improvement in personnel communication as they tried to make contact with balls containing special bells.

With an elite team guiding them throughout the day, personnel from the Defence College of Air and Space Operations and No.1 Flying Training School progressed slowly and as a team.

The ability to adapt to new challenges will be key for future tri-service helicopter pilots from the training school and future air and space controllers from the college.

Scott Turner said the personnel can take lessons from the day "into the workplace".

"We have a lot of adversity, sometimes, in the military, and seeing what these guys are doing is really just emphasising how with hard work and a bit of dedication you can really overcome those challenges moving forward."