Biden Nominates Female Officers To Four-Star Command Roles

The nominees will become only the second and third women to lead combatant commands in the US military.

US President Joe Biden has announced the nomination of two female generals to top command roles in the American military.

General Jacqueline Van Ovost (top left) and Lieutenant General Laura Richardson (top right) will become only the second and third women to lead combatant commands in the US armed forces.

The announcement was made to coincide with International Women's Day on Monday.

Vice President Kamala Harris described the two women as "the best of the best".

"They are proven leaders," she said.

"The President and I have full confidence in them to address the complex threats we face, to help lead our troops, and to keep our nation safe."

Gen Van Ovost, from the US Air Force, is the American military's only four-star female officer and has been nominated as Commander of the United States Transportation Command.

Watch: President Joe Biden said the two officers are "America's patriotism at its finest".

Lt Gen Richardson, from the US Army, is receiving a rank promotion and will also become a four-star general upon confirmation.

She has been nominated as Commander in the United States Southern Command.

Mr Biden described the two women as "outstanding and eminently qualified warriors", adding: "We all need to see and to recognise the barrier-breaking accomplishments of these women.

"We need the young women just beginning their careers in the military service to see it and know that no door will be closed to them.

"We need women and men throughout the ranks to see and celebrate women's accomplishments and leadership in the services.

"We need little girls and boys both, who have grown up dreaming of serving for their country, to know this is what generals in the United States Armed Forces look like."

Cover image: US Air Force General Jacqueline Van Ovost (left) and Lieutenant General Laura Richardson (right) (Picture: US Department of Defense).