Green Park Trump gun salute

Donald Trump Greeted With Gun Salutes In London

Guns were fired in Green Park and at the Tower of London to mark the Trumps' arrival.

Green Park Trump gun salute

The US President has been greeted in London with gun salutes to mark his arrival in the UK.

The guns fired at the moment Donald Trump arrived at Buckingham Palace, where a formal ceremonial welcome involving a Guard of Honour by Nijmegen Company, the Grenadier Guards took place.

Soldiers from the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery led 71 horses, pulling six First World War-era 13-pounder field guns, into place, to fire 82 blank artillery rounds at 10-second intervals.

The first 41-gun salute honoured Mr Trump's state visit.

The second round of 41 shots were staged to mark the 66th anniversary of the Queen's coronation on Sunday.

The military's celebration of the 1953 coronation was delayed until Monday as gun salutes are never fired on a Sunday.

Green Park Trump gun salute wide

With a 103-gun salute - 41 for the president and 62 for the coronation anniversary - also staged by Honourable Artillery Company at the Tower of London, the British Army fired 185 guns in total for the historic double ceremonial salute.

The number of rounds fired in a Royal Gun Salute depends on the place and occasion.

The basic salute is 21 rounds, but in Hyde Park and Green Park an extra 20 rounds are added because they are Royal Parks.

Speaking about the display, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence said: "The UK and US have a special relationship that benefits us both. 

"We do more together than any two nations in the world and we cooperate across the board on a wide range of hugely important issues.

"As close allies in NATO, Permanent Members of the UN Security Council and leading nuclear powers, that cooperation is vital to international peace and security."