Defence Secretary Announces New Cadet Units In Schools

Gavin Williamson said 26 schools across the UK will have new units under the Government’s Cadet Expansion Programme...

The Defence Secretary has announced that 26 schools across the country will create new cadet units under the Government’s Cadet Expansion Programme.

Schools across the UK will benefit from the latest round of openings, with 24 in England, one in Scotland and one in Wales.

During a visit to a school in West Bromwich, in West Midlands, on Friday, Gavin Williamson told Forces News:

"It's about giving young people an understanding of our Armed Forces, but also giving them the confidence, the skills and the leadership abilities to succeed in life.

"It goes without saying, so many of them see the real worth of our Armed Forces, so many of them actually realise what an important role the Navy, the Army and the Air Force actually play in keeping Britain safe, that quite naturally many of them want to actually join the Armed Forces in the future."

The announcement came as the Defence Secretary had the opportunity to meet cadets at Phoenix Collegiate School and see first-hand the new skills that students have gained.

The Government aims to have a total of 500 cadet units running in the UK by 2020. 

The Cadet Expansion Programme is backed by £50 million funding from Libor fines, which covers set up costs, uniforms, equipment and training.