Defence Minister 'Would Resign' In Case Of A No-Deal Brexit

Tobias Ellwood's comments came just hours before a vote among MPs on the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

A defence minister has told Forces News he will resign from the government if Britain leaves the European Union with no deal.

Tobias Ellwood made the comments just hours before MPs vote on the terms of the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

Mr Ellwood said:

"I could not be part of a government that allows Britain, that is outward facing, internationalist, participates on the international stage, to then take a step back at that."

"To take what would be a step for self harm, it would be irresponsible for us that seeks to be an influencer, to use our position on the security council, leverage with the Commonwealth and so forth to suddenly say 'No, we dont want to be part of the international community', that cannot be right," the former British Army officer continued.

When asked whether he would resign from the government in the event of a no-deal Brexit, he said:

"I would resign, yeah.

"Many other ministers would as well."

On Monday, Mr Ellwood, who is thought to be voting for Theresa May's withdrawal proposal, tweeted that a no-deal "is not an option".

His comments come a day after the Defence Secretary said the country "will succeed" with or without a deal.

It also follows confirmation from the Ministry of Defence that its staff are currently making contingency plans in case there is a no-deal Brexit.

The Scottish National Party's Stewart McDonald will be voting against Mrs May's deal and told Forces News: "If there is to be any use of the Armed Forces in the event of no deal, that I would argue has to be the first statement that comes to parliament.

"There has to be absolute democratic oversight in what that role would be."

Members of Parliament will vote this evening on four amendments to the Prime Minister's Brexit deal.

Jame Stone MP, the Liberal Democrats spokesperson on defence in the Commons, says he will be voting against Mrs May's Brexit deal.