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British Army Work Night Shift To Fight Floods And Turkey Terror Suspect Arrested At Heathrow 

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British Army On Night Shift To Fight Floods

The Light Dragoons are working to protect more homes from flooding in South Yorkshire as more than 130 flood warnings remain in place across England and Wales.

Around 100 troops have worked through the night, while another 100 remain on standby - in the area affected by last week's floods ahead of more heavy rain today.

Major Luke Dodington has been with soldiers laying sandbags in the village of Fishlake, and praised the community's spirit. 

"It's just amazing how supportive they're being to our guys when their livelihoods and lives have been turned upside down in the last week," he said.

The help of British Army soldiers to reinforce flood defences comes after another government-held COBRA (Cabinet Office Briefing Rooms) meeting yesterday evening - co-ordinating the ongoing relief effort.

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Turkey Terror Suspect Arrested At Heathrow 

A man's been arrested by police at Heathrow Airport on suspicion of preparing acts of terrorism in Syria, having arrived on a plane from Istanbul.

Turkey had deported the 26-year-old, saying it believed he was a member of the so-called Islamic State group (IS).

He's believed to be one of a number of suspected IS supporters captured in Syria that Turkey has been sending back to their home countries. Nine others are currently awaiting deportation to Germany.

Turkey says it is holding nearly 1,200 foreign suspected IS members, and continues to criticise Western governments for their reluctance to take them back.


Record Numbers For Gurkha Rifles

The largest intake of Gurkhas ever trained in Catterick has passed out in front of proud family, officers and instructors.

After nine months of infantryman training, cultural trips and English lessons, they are now fully-fledged Gurkha riflemen.

It has been arguably the busiest year ever for Gurkha Company since training moved to Catterick in 1999 - with 399 of the 400 intake passing out. 

The one remaining, Rifleman Shivraj Gurung, will have to wait a few more months until his broken leg heals.